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Freight transportations

Our transport dispatch company  to  date is an experienced provider of transport-expeditionary services.
   We offer to our clients professional service of high quality in area of transportations and expedition. At a collaboration with us a client is enough to give a request on transportation of load and all of further problems on registration and transportation, a company undertakes accompaniment of load.

   Quickly find and pick up any transportation to deliver your cargo to any place in Ukraine. All calculations are made with the client to wire or cash.

   In the order of our clients the park of cars is given by a carrying capacity from 5 to 20 tons, by which we can in the the earliest possible date decide your task of transportation both on short or long distances.

   The main focus of our activities are delivery of cargoes within Ukraine. Our company has extensive experience in road freight within Ukraine. The company can arrange delivery of your cargo to any point in Ukraine.Also we will arrange delivery of the container, general and cargoes on any fronts. On the client, all transported goods can be insured from leading insurance companies.

  Our goal - to protect our customers from any problems associated with finding transport to deliver the goods.We strive to meet all the requirements and desires of our customers by providing a personal approach to each of them, and find the best solutions for each individual order to deliver the goods.

We will be happy to cooperate with you in resolving issues arising in the delivery of your goods.